Thursday, September 27, 2012

News from the AAL Help Desk

Best Netbook Application

What is the most powerful application on the Netbooks?

The Ubuntu Software Center

While there are many great applications already pre-installed on the netbooks, the ability to download and install hundreds, if not thousands, of free open source applications is one of the best features of the Ubuntu OS.  Students and teacher alike can install and experiment with applications without worrying about license infringements.   

The software center conveniently breaks up searching for applications by subject and concept.  Not only can you install software here, it is a easy to uninstall programs you don’t use.  Software management is made easy here.  

The icon is located in your Favorites tab on all netbook models. You can also find it in the System tab/tools folder. 

Happy software searching!

Got sticker?    

A number of students have been found without stickers on their netbooks.  Whether they’ve been ripped off or damaged. ID Stickers are required for all students who have netbooks. 

Stickers are needed to quickly identify proper ownership of the computer.  With an increasing number of netbooks being stolen or lost, stickers are more important than ever. 

Please make sure your students have stickers for their netbook.  If they need a new sticker send them to the AAL help desks at your school (room 1500 at North, and 2150 at West) to get a new sticker.

Thanks, AAL Help Desk


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