Thursday, September 27, 2012

Google Drive

Google is doing away with Docs in favor of a larger, more dynamic interface, Drive. Users will not see any real change in functionality nor will they experience a loss of files or productivity.

An added feature is the ability to install Drive on your computer, allowing users to access to their Google Docs as additional storage (My Drive) - syncing it in the Cloud, from any Internet connection. 
Key Changes and Additions:

  • Collections are now called Folders.
  • More things have been added to the Settings menu, including upload settings.
  • The left navigation has new views:
    • My Drive
    • Shared with me
    • Activity
  • The Home view is gone. Instead, use My Drive to organize all of your files, folders, and Google Docs.Sync files between all of your devices with Google Drive for your Mac or PC.
  • View and search Google Drive on the web in a visual way with grid view.
  • Add a file to a folder by clicking the folder icon within a file or Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation.
  • Work with more file types by installing Google Drive apps from the Chrome Web Store.

See the Google Drive user help to learn more about Google Drive versus your Documents List, and how to navigate your Google Drive online interface.

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