Friday, September 28, 2012

View Student Advocate Info in GradeBook

2012-2013 – NEW! Student Advocate displayed in your Gradebook

Finding your Student's Advocate:
Teachers now can pull up a student's S3/RTI Advocate information from the Gradebook; saving time and connecting students with valuable supports quicker. 
  • The Advocate's name is displayed in the Demographics tab, when you select your student's name in the Gradebook.
  • The Advocate's name will be displayed for students that are receiving additional academic support in core areas.
Check out previous posts regarding other changes to the Gradebook. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learning Targets Available in Gradebooks

Tracking student mastery of academic content can be difficult and time consuming. Pinnacle Gradebook software facilitates this process for teachers. The learning targets for courses with common final assessments will be pre-loaded into the gradebooks over the next few weeks, giving teachers the opportunity to tie their assignments to the learning targets. After associating the student assessments to specific Learning Targets, the software can display student mastery results. 

 If your course code is highlighted in red, the Learning Targets should be appearing in your gradebook.  List of Courses with Learning Targets

News from the AAL Help Desk

Best Netbook Application

What is the most powerful application on the Netbooks?

The Ubuntu Software Center

While there are many great applications already pre-installed on the netbooks, the ability to download and install hundreds, if not thousands, of free open source applications is one of the best features of the Ubuntu OS.  Students and teacher alike can install and experiment with applications without worrying about license infringements.   

The software center conveniently breaks up searching for applications by subject and concept.  Not only can you install software here, it is a easy to uninstall programs you don’t use.  Software management is made easy here.  

The icon is located in your Favorites tab on all netbook models. You can also find it in the System tab/tools folder. 

Happy software searching!

Skokie Public Library Study Room Reservations

The Skokie Public Library has announced a self-booking system for study rooms.

Study rooms are available in the Adult and Youth Services Departments. Patrons can view space availability by day or week or search for the date/time that is needed. 

There are nine rooms available, each holding up to six people and are equipped with power. The Library has public WiFi access and fee-based wireless printing.

Google Drive Class Folders

Google Apps offers a great variety of powerful tools for teaching and learning. One of the sticky issues we encounter involves the organization and tracking of a myriad of student documents. This script (a small app that is triggered by code embedded within a Google document, in this case a spreadsheet), uses a class list (available through the Portal) to generate a set of folders with specific permissions for organizing documents for students.

The three folders set the following permissions:

  • Class Edit ~ These will be files that are editable by everyone in the class
    • Example: Group Assignments
  • Class View ~ These will be files that are only viewable by everyone in the class
    • Example: Worksheet templates, exemplars
  • Student Dropbox ~ This is only between the teacher and the particular student.
    • Example: Handing in homework
  • Formative Assessment can be provided through the use of comments within the page.  Teachers and students can choose to be notified via email when new comments are added and view them as a stream within the document itself.
If you are interested in using this format, follow the gClassFolders link and follow the instructions, or visit the PDC and we'll help you set things up.

October Portal Updates

More features are being added to the Portal while existing ones are continually being improved upon. This month's updates are: 

  • Expansion of the Employee Directory. Building, department, and extension are now listed. 
  • Wireless Guest Login Information. Under "Resources" users will be able to access District 219's wireless network credentials to share with visitors who need Internet access. 
  • Class Lists. An option to display student photos in the class lists is now available. 
  • Standardized Test Scores, Scholastic Records, Class Lists, and Past Student Test Scores can now be accessed with multiple teacher IDs on a single Portal log-in. This may be helpful for department support staff. 

Wireless Guest Access

When your planning an event or when visitors to our buildings require access to the wireless network,  you can find out what it is and share it with them via the portal. Login to the portal and you will find the last link under Resources is Wireless Guest info.  Click the link and a popup will appear with the current login and password information your guests need. 

Check back often as the password will change on a regular basis for security.  

Google Drive

Google is doing away with Docs in favor of a larger, more dynamic interface, Drive. Users will not see any real change in functionality nor will they experience a loss of files or productivity.

An added feature is the ability to install Drive on your computer, allowing users to access to their Google Docs as additional storage (My Drive) - syncing it in the Cloud, from any Internet connection. 
Key Changes and Additions:

  • Collections are now called Folders.
  • More things have been added to the Settings menu, including upload settings.
  • The left navigation has new views:
    • My Drive
    • Shared with me
    • Activity
  • The Home view is gone. Instead, use My Drive to organize all of your files, folders, and Google Docs.Sync files between all of your devices with Google Drive for your Mac or PC.
  • View and search Google Drive on the web in a visual way with grid view.
  • Add a file to a folder by clicking the folder icon within a file or Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation.
  • Work with more file types by installing Google Drive apps from the Chrome Web Store.

See the Google Drive user help to learn more about Google Drive versus your Documents List, and how to navigate your Google Drive online interface.

EdCamp: Looking for a New PD Opportunity?

Edcamps are free, organic, one-day, participant-driven professional development gatherings organized by educators for educators. Typically held on Saturdays in educational facilities, Edcamps have no pre-set presentation schedule, nor any pre-selected presenters. Instead, participants volunteer to facilitate conversations and hands-on activities among peers. (source)