Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LibreOffice Help

Version Updating
The LibreOffice team is ever improving their product. If you wish to update to the newest version, follow these step by step instructions.

Speeding Up LibreOffice

Some setting changes may improve LibreOffice's loading time and responsiveness. However, some also increase RAM usage, so use them carefully. 
These setting changes will speed up the launch time for LO:
They can all be accessed under Tools > Options.
  • Under Memory:
    • Reduce the number of Undo steps to a figure lower than 100, to something like 20 or 30 steps.
    • Under Graphics cache, set Use for LibreOffice to 128 MB (up from the original 20MB).
    • Set Memory per object to 20MB (up from the default 5MB).
    • If you use LibreOffice often, check LibreOffice Quickstarter. 

Becoming proficient with a new program can be challenging, thankfully the good people behind LibreOffice have compiled dozens of easy-to-follow guides to help you along the way. These guides are broken down by component and range from simple “Getting Started” to exploring more dynamic features of the suite.

PDF and ODT versions of the complete guides are available by product along with smaller versions, broken out by chapter. Download just the sections that you need, or get the entire guide. Video tutorials are also available.

The PDC has pared down the LibreOffice documentation list to just the few, most commonly used components. Visit the PDC's Productivity Resources page for quick access to these in-depth tutorials.

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