Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tech Leaders: A Valuable AAL Resource

The Tech Leaders have been working nonstop to provide a high-quality student experience with the netbooks. This year, we have doubled our Tech Leader staff, and these students are eager to help answer your netbook questions.

Please check out the great resources on the new Tech Leader Notebook blog. This space is designed to give students an interactive space to get their tech questions answered. This space has an Ask A Tech Leader  form for students to submit questions; the tech leaders answer these questions rapidly. 

Check out Shutting Down Your Netbook, which shows freshmen how to handle a frozen netbook. This question was asked and answered in a single day. Other useful posts include Treat Your Power Cord Right and the critically important Restoring An Asus Netbook. 

Tech Leader Talha Ahmed talks about using online tools to track assignments in this video, He also discusses the use of images in online presentations--- a skill virtually every student needs to acquire. 

Keep your eye on the blog; follow our feed in your favorite reader. Also, we’re on Twitter so check it out. 

Please also know that the AAL Help Desk will soon roll out the Maintenance Certificate program for teachers. This program will provide teachers with a concrete procedure for determining the maintenance status of a student netbook. Teachers will be able to request a Maintenance Certificate, and the Help Desk will send an email report after the inspection of a specific netbook. No more mysteries! You’ll be able to tell if the student is keeping his/her machine in working order simply by asking for a certificate. 

Watch your email for this program to start. It should be a huge help for everyone.

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