Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teacher Workstation (TWS) Overhaul

This summer, the IS Department overhauled 50 TWSs at each High School. This was Phase One of a project that aims to repair, restore and update all our teacher workstations. 

With the new configuration, teachers have more desk space thanks to the computer being mounted on the side of the cart and a new flat panel monitor mounted on an arm that can be adjusted as needed. The speaker will sit free on the top shelf allowing the instructor to direct the sound according to the layout of the classroom.

Next summer will be Phase Two and another batch of TWSs will receive the same upgrades.   

Accessible on the top shelf are additional video and sound inputs and a USB cable that can be used to connect external devices (i.e. MP players, video cameras, scanners, etc). 

The TWS has an IPEVO camera that doubles as a document and video conferencing camera and sits free to be used on the top or middle shelf.

All 3 shelves have been adjusted to provide easy access and maximize work area. Additionally, the cart has new casters that allow for a better movement control and cable management to keep the cables out of the way.

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