Thursday, August 9, 2012

News from the AAL Help Desk

Tech Leaders Boot Camp 2012

In preparation for Netbook Deployment Day, District 219 Tech Leaders held a Bootcamp. Veteran Tech Leaders guided new members of the program on the dynamics of the program. Students brainstormed on ways to improve the program and chatted about their summer. 

Tech Leaders have diverse interests in and out of school. Some students visited colleges and took family vacations and others put the skills they learned through the Tech Leaders program to use. Some students spent the summer interning at local tech firms - crediting their experience as a Tech Leader with edging out other applicants. 

Some Tech Leaders have transitioned into Tech Interns within District 219 and have provided valuable service to the Tech Department  this summer by assisting with computer upgrades and other tasks.


Are you waiting for Nature to make a backup copy of your files?

Using Google Apps online resources not only makes it convenient to create documents on the go, but they are automatically saved for you. Your netbook is a great mobile device that allows you easy access to cloud resources like Google.

Google Drive - their upgrade of “Documents” - allows you 5gb of storage space on their servers; which is separate from the 25gb of storage when converted to Google Docs format.  Even with that much space you can still use DropBox for a quick 2gb of storage on your netbook.

Don’t forget that you can separate out Photos and Videos.  Picasa allows you to upload tons of picture to create albums not only on your machine, but will sync with your online album.  It also makes it convenient to use them in your websites.  

Using YouTube through your D219 account, allows you to save those quick tutorials for students in an easy accessible place for anywhere, anytime usage.  If you still want a hard copy of stuff, don’t forget your netbooks have SD Card slots for quick backups of content from the netbook.

Bottom line; cloning isn't just for science so utilize these great backup resources

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