Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012-2013 Freshman Technology Survey Results

Netbook deployment took place at Niles West on Thursday, August 16 and at Niles North on Friday, August 17. Freshmen participated in workshops designed to educate them on best practices, care and maintenance, and expectations when using their netbooks in and out of school.

Students were given tasks to complete, one of which was to respond to the Technology Department’s annual survey. This survey asks freshmen about their access to and use of technology away from school. Answers are summarized below, a complete report is attached.

  • 99% of respondents have computer and Internet access at home, 47% of them have their own home computer that they do not share;
  • Computer use outside of school is between one and four hours per day (67% of responses), with 77% of that time spent on school work;
  • 94% of respondents believe it is beneficial to have device in class for note-taking;
  • 51% of students bring more than one Internet capable device to school each day to access the Internet; cell phones (50%) and WiFi-enabled music devices such as iPod Touch (26%) are the most common devices used.  

2012-2013 Freshman Technology Survey Results

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