Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 - 13 Gradebook Updates

The gradebook has had some important changes over the summer:

Template Changes:

Grades will be based on total points.
The semester will be composed of two marking periods:
  • grading period  default weighted to 80% of the semester grade
  • final exam with a default weight 20% of the semester grade.

Teachers may determine categories and weights within courses.  

Progress reports will be available online at approximately weeks 5, 9, and 14
Semester grades will be calculated and sent home after week 18

The Narrative Tab in Options allows an instructor to enter information and links to sites such as the class website or class Google calendar. Students and parents can view this information in the Class Details window in Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV).

Terminology changes:

  • Note Pad (where Freeform comments were entered for progress reports and report cards) has been renamed to Freeform Comments.
  • Required Assessments (where progress report and report card comment codes are entered) is now Grading Comments.
  • Curriculum-PCA (where common assessment answers were reviewed) is Review CFA.

If you have any questions regarding the way grades are calculating or setting up your classes, contact your building’s Professional Development Center.

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