Tuesday, May 29, 2012

News from the AAL Help Desk

To Teachers of Students With Netbooks:

To assist you with the performance of netbooks in your classes, we are pleased to announce that you can now request a Maintenance Confirmation from your students with netbooks.If you have students who seem to have difficulty with wi-fi connectivity, printing, or accessing web sites, you can now assign them to provide you a Maintenance Confirmation from the Help Desk.    1. Tell the student to request a Maintenance Confirmation from the Help Desk (Room 2150 at West; Room 1500 at North). The student then brings his/her netbook to the Help Desk.2. We will inspect and/or reimage the netbook so that it works as intended.3. We will email you the Maintenance Confirmation immediately so that you know this netbook has been seen.The Tech Leaders are here to help. Please feel free to begin requesting Maintenance Confirmations from your students today.

Get Your Netbook Ready for Summer
Whether you are going to teach summer school, take a class, or just relax with the family, it is a good time to get your netbook cleaned up and tuned up .  Drop it by the Student Help Desk and let us re-image the system, clean it up, and run a diagnostic on it to make sure everything is working well.  We’ll kick the tires and assess the battery life.  Please backup all your files first.  It is also a good time to remind your students to do the same.  The Student Help Desk will be open throughout the summer.  During summer school, it will be located at West, room 2150.  Student are required to maintain a working netbook with a current ubuntu image for class.  Off warranty repairs take time, thus the summer is perfect opportunity to have their machine restored to life while they are enjoying their summer activities. 

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