Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Overhead Projectors: End of Life

Many of you are still using transparencies and over-head projectors in your classrooms. Available inventory of these devices are dwindling. We have spoke with our main supplier, 3M, who stated that they are closing their over-head projector division. They will continue to support any devices that are under warranty, but once the warranty expires - over-head projectors are DONE.

In light of this information, the Tech Dept has been investigating document cameras. Document cameras have been in use around the District for years. Several models were recently tested for usability, portability, and features. The IPEVO document camera was the device of choice and will be available in the PDC for check-out.

If you have an over-head projector, please continue to use it for the remainder of the school year. In the event that the device fails and is out of warranty, it may be replaced with the IPEVO document camera.

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