Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sharing public documents in google apps

About a week or so ago, it was brought to our attention that some teachers were creating a google doc or google form and changing the permissions to make them Open to the Public. With these settings, anyone should have been able to open these documents or forms without any issue as long as they had the link. However, we noticed that when these docs or forms were created on and shared with students on, the students would get an error message saying "Invalid Email" when they tried to access the wide open document while logged into their account. If they logged out and tried to open the document even though, they wouldn't have a problem.
This wasn't an issue in the past but it seemed to start this year. We found that this was due to the way we had Single Sign On (SSO) setup for the faculty and the student accounts. After a few changes and some testing, this is no longer an issue. Now, if anyone shares a link to a wide open document between the two domains (teachers to students or students to teachers), the end user receiving the link will not get an error message if they are still logged into their Google Apps account.

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