Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open Office Support

As the school year progresses and you continue to work on new and existing office files, keep in mind that the Technology Department is here to help:

Open Office (OO) offers batch conversion (the conversion of entire folders of documents in a single pass) for files generated in Office 2002 (XP). You can even convert Word, Excel and Powerpoint files at the same time.

  • File → Wizards → Document Converter

Professional Development Center Staff

  • 1:1 support for working in new and existing documents

  • Will convert document from legacy formats to OO

  • Available from 7:30 – 4 Mon – Fri.

Machines will be placed in each departmental area with MS Office for converting documents

  • Will be accessible through the end of the first semester

Summer projects for conversion of curricular materials

  • Projects to convert existing legacy MS Office files to OO

Check out these resources:

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