Monday, August 22, 2011

Single Sign-On for Students

Everyone sometimes struggles to remember their log-in and password for the many accounts we keep. In order to simplify the process for students, we have created a single sign-on process, which means that the same log-in and password is used to access all their District 219 accounts. No separate PIV, ILP, email, or computer log-ins to remember. Students should use their user ID (six-letter+a number) as their log-in.
Students were issued their eight (8) character password in an August mailing. If they have forgotten their password, direct them to the Help Desk.
Students can get their log-in screen by going to their school site-> Web Links -> -> click on "Google Mail" link which will then take them to the log-in screen.  If for some reason, a student gets to the login screen for faculty, they can click the link at the bottom of the login box that says " Google Student Login" and that will take them to the login page.

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