Monday, August 22, 2011

Here Are Some Important Reminders

Quick Classes: New Operating System? New Programs? Update your website?

The PDC is offering several Quick Classes during lunch periods to help you!
The Quick Classes for the first few weeks are listed here. We will be updating this regularly.

Update your Websites

Faculty: Please be sure to update your websites with your current class schedules and syllabi.

Be sure to notify bit the PDC and your Departmental secretary regarding any website address changes.

Departments: Verify that your pages and faculty lists are up to date.

The PDCs are open Mon – Fri, 7:30 – 4 PM to help


The gradebook has been updated: no need for traveling teachers to switch buildings – all gradebooks from all buildings now display from a single log-in.

It is now mandatory to take attendance for each period. Instructions may be found here.

If you need classes merged, please contact PDC prior to adding assignments.

Moodle: Rest your courses for the new year

Start fresh by removing all your former students and their work from last year.

  • Open your Moodle course and in the Administration block, select Reset.

  • Select the appropriate choices to remove data from your former students

Groups: Set up Groups for each period

  • in the Administration block, select Groups.

  • To make new groups, click Create Group, to change an existing one – select Edit Group.

  • Using unique Enrollment keys will automatically place students in their respective group.

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