Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Docs Site Replaces SharePoint

As you all know, on June 30th we will be shutting down the SharePoint server.  At the same time we will introduce our SharePoint replacement server: has a similar look and feel to our existing SharePoint presence and it uses your same log-in and password. When you first access you will only see items that are public or those that you have been granted access. You will no longer have to know the exact URL to navigate to your site.

PUBLIC DOCS is accessible without a log-in and broken down by department. These areas are a document repository and could best serve as a space for parents and students to visit when seeking general and course information. It is important to understand that anything placed in the PUBLIC DOCS area is not password protected and is searchable by the outside world.

A secure intranet area is also available to departments, please visit the PDC if you need assistance.

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