Thursday, March 24, 2011

Windows 7 Coming to D219 Summer 2011 - April Update

Over the spring break we will deploy Windows 7 on 14 workstations in each IRC.  These computers have been pushed ahead of the district-wide deployment, with the intention of introducing our students to Adobe Premier Elements (a video editing tool) and the new HD Flip cameras. The ongoing pilots in the two AS&T labs have been very successful. Those computers will also move to a full Windows 7 deployment.

Upgrading Windows XP to Windows 7 does not include updates to other applications, we are currently working on cataloging and testing dozens of applications that the district uses regularly, building a list of stable and unstable application in a Windows 7 environment.  A “Request-for-Feedback” form will be sent to all of you, which will help us build an applications list for next year. For more information on this please read the article “Software Needs for 2011-2012 - Request-for-Feedback”.

Additionally, we are researching and testing free software, updates, and upgrades that are compatible with the District’s needs.

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