Thursday, March 24, 2011

Software Needs for 2011-2012 - Request-for-Feedback

In past years, shortly before the end of the school year, we asked you to let us know what software you will need for the following year. This year, we a inquiring early, hoping to give everyone enough time to provide feedback. So, if you are one of  those users who have additional software installed in your classroom, office, or Lab, please be sure to fill the “Request-for-Feedback” D219 form that will be sent out shortly after spring break. Please remember that the intention of this form is to document your current, installed applications they they can be re-installed on your computer in the fall.  If you will need new software for next year, then you need to follow the formal Tech Request route.

Be on the look out for the email, containing the “Request-for-Feedback” form.

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