Thursday, March 24, 2011

Managing Files in Google Docs List: Organize and Hide

Is your Google Docs List becoming cluttered and seemingly unmanageable?  It can be cleaned up easily with a couple of clicks.  Use collections (folders) to organize your documents and remove the clutter by hiding from the home view.
  • Create Collections:
    • Create New➜Collection➜name the collection
  • From the Home view, select the document by clicking to the right of the name.  To select more than one at a time, Ctrl+click on the document name.
  • Click on Actions.  If more than one document is selected, the Actions options will display on the details pane (right side).  
    • Click Organize➜ select the collection(s)➜ Apply Changes.  
    • While the documents are still selected, hide them by clicking Don’t show in home.  That will remove them from the Home view.  Keep in mind, however, that they will remain when viewing All Items.

For more help with Google Docs, visit the D219 Google Apps Learning Center page.

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  1. When you select more than one collection for a document then the additional assignments will show up much like labels in Gmail. It is also possible to assign collections to collections (again with multiple assignments possible) to set up a single or multiple hierarchy organization. Another benefit when using collections is that you can share a whole collection with a colleague to make document collaboration a snap. Any new document added to a shared collection is also shared.