Monday, February 28, 2011

219 University - Spring / Summer 2011

LogoThe Spring / Summer schedule has been published and you can now register in Eduphoria.

Tech 1: Technology Tools and Apps for the Classroom begins Wednesday April 6th at Niles West from 4 - 7:30.

Tech 1 Hybrid: Technology Tools and Apps for the Classroom: The first day (4/06) and the last two days (5/9 & 5/11) of the course are mandatory face-to-face meeting days from 4 - 7:30pm at Niles West. The first day we'll spend getting you up and running with Moodle and all the resources you will need during the course.  However, the bulk of the course will occur through virtual instruction. There will be specific assignments with firm deadlines submitted via Moodle, culminating in a final project to be presented to the whole group during our last two meetings.

Tech 2: Technology Integration: Tools, Strategies and Assessment begins Thursday April 7th at Niles North from 4:00 - 7:30. We will be providing you with most of the resources you will need during the course.
The Summer Schedule is posted on the 219 University website along the other District offerings.

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