Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PCA Update

The 1st Semester implementation of Pinnacle Curriculum and Assessment (PCA) was a success. Teachers of Freshman courses had their students' Common Assessments developed and processed in the new system for the first time. This new system allows teachers faster access to richer data than was available through the legacy system (LXR). The instructions for generating reports from PCA is available here. Following is the information Freshman Course Teachers received regarding the process.

Freshman Courses: All Freshman classes taking a Common Assessment will receive bar-coded answer sheets for each student - 

Note:  many courses have multiple answer sheets for each student.

  • Do NOT staple or clip completed answer-sheets.
  • Send completed bar-coded answer sheets to your Department Secretary for processing.
  • Assessments will be available for review in the gradebook approximately 1 hour after they have been scanned.
  • Assessments must be reviewed by the instructor before they will appear in the gradebook.   Instructions for reviewing Assessments.
  • Scores will appear in the Gradebook in the Final Exam grading period after the instructor has reviewed them.  
  • It is the responsibility of the instructor to add a Grading scale and weight to the Common Assessment assignment (*see below).
  • Per the included instructions, teachers will print their own reports from the gradebook - reports will not be returned to teachers of Freshman Courses.

This process will remain very similar as each year, as according to Board Goal #2, the Common Assessments will be moved to this new system for the next grade's curriculum:
Freshman  Curriculum: 2010 - 2011
Sophomore  Curriculum: 2011 - 2012
Junior  Curriculum: 2012 - 2013
Senior Curriculum: 2013 - 2014

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