Friday, December 17, 2010

Google Apps and Resources Linked to D219 Account

2010-12-17_0934 If you look under the "more" link at the top of your Google page and "even more>>" under that you will find a large number of Google applications that you and students can use to enrich your internet and web 20 experience.  The advantage of using these tools is that they are linked to your d219 Google account and your login and password information are transparent.
We have opted "not to enable" some of these products, do to the nature of the product and/or their inconsistency with the educational mission of the District.   These products are;

  • Orkut - a social networking application similar to Facebook.
  • Igoogle - a personal dashboard that host a variety of widgets and gadgets.  Note: We are investigating an alternative that will provide the same experience, but deliver content consistent with District policies
  • Desktop - is a host for Google gadgets.  They were not enabled for the same reason that IGoogle and that they are applications that are installed on the local machine. 

As new applications are added by Google, they will automatically appear in the list, but they may not be linked to your D219 account.  Each new app will be evaluated before it linked to your D219 account.

All of these applications have a substantial amount of on-line help and training provided by Google.  There are also a good number of them that are in included in our AtomicLearning subscription.   If there are specific things that you need help with to employ the use of some of these apps in your classes, the PDC are there to help. 

Enjoy the new resources.

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