Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going Green with the Help of the Web

Attendance and Grade Reporting - The teacher Gradebook is 100% online which streamlines grade reporting, athletic eligibility tracking, progress report delivery, reduces technical issues, and allows remote access for teachers. Student attendance throughout the buildings and resource areas is recorded through a swipe card system and stored directly into the grade book. With online Gradebook, grades and attendance information is available in real-time to students and their parents.

ILP - Through the online Individual Learning Plan (ILP) students can set and maintain goals - academic, extracurricular and personal - and review standardized test scores and academic history. The ILP user interface is customized to the student, parent, teacher or counselor level. RtI (Response to Intervention) and common assessment modules are in development within the framework of the ILP.

Fee Payments and Registration – District 219’s parents can pay their student’s fees through an online interface which connects to the student’s record. For summer school parents are encouraged to use the online system to register their students for summer school classes and camps. This system tracks student fines and generates notices to the students and parents. If fines aren’t paid, such as library fines, the student’s grades will not be released. This online system makes it convenient for students and parents to stay on top of payments

Webpages - All teachers are required to maintain a webpage with course information, classroom policies and procedures. The District has provided SharePoint-based templates which populates instructor schedules from the scheduling database.

Web-based Textbook and Library Management – Moving to 100% online textbook management enables the District to, one day in the near future, move towards paperless classrooms. District 219 employs a textbook management system which provides electronic versions, if available, of the textbooks we purchase for our students. The libraries (IRCs) are benefitting from a similar system which extends its resources beyond the building walls.

Personnel Management - Every employee is provided access to an online portal to manage their attendance, benefits and other professional and personal information. Teachers and staff have access to commonly used forms, Institute Day program registration and can also reserve and order curricular materials. Teachers and Administrators can access class lists and standardized test scores through their Portal as well.

Web-based District Wide Shared Calendars – Parents will benefit greatly from the addition of a dynamic online calendar. This calendar system allows the end user to tailor the calendar to fit their needs by filtering events. Users can also subscribe to the calendar and get automatic updates through RSS feeds and emails. An especially useful feature for registered users is the door-to-door directions to events.

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