Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Multiple Email Addresses with One D219 Account

With everyone comfortably moving to “the cloud” and your in boxes steadily filling with RSS updates and the like we started thinking, “How can we better manage our in box when subscribing for these services?” The answer is - create another email address.

Establishing email addresses under your D219 account is easier than you’d think. All you have to do, when you’re signing up for a new service or newsletter, is register with a modified version of your email address. For example, guybal+123@d219.org. Remember to include the plus sign and follow it with whatever identifier you choose. This will create a unique email address under your D219 account.

These additional accounts will prove to be beneficial when creating filters to better manage your in box. You can filter based on the “To” information as opposed to the sender or subject line. Check out the Filters tutorial here.

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